Bacio & Duluth

What a busy weekend. The Katy Vernon Trio returned to Bacio last Friday night. If you haven’t been there yet you should go. It’s a lovely place. Quite the haul from White Bear though and the weather was brutal. Lot’s of fun once we got set up though. It’s funny because the first time I played there the idea of a 3 hour set was terrifying. This time it just seemed to roll along. Playing with Clay and Simon is such a blast that time flies I guess. Threw in a few Patsy Cline covers too. I need to learn more covers. It gives the audience a nice lyric listening rest. It was Simon’s birthday so we surprised him by singing and his lovely wife brought in a cake. Super fun.

The next day I packed up the family and we headed up to Duluth. On a clear day it isn’t too far. After the horrible drive the night before it actually flew by. I was pleased to discover ‘Beaner’s Central’ in West Duluth. What a gem!! It had a nice high stage and lot’s of seating. It was like the Turf Club and a Dunn Bros had a cute little baby together. The owner, Jason, was so supportive and has really done a great job of making music such a focus of the coffee house.

I got to finally meet the delightful Mary Bue in person. What a sweetie and super talented. Another great band called the Swallows were also on the bill. Such a great night. I need to make plans to go back.

Next up; Sat February 16th. 6-8pm. Katy Vernon and Julia Douglass at…Groundswell Coffee 1342 Thomas Ave., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

Then a FULL BAND SHOW at the Aster Cafe. Sat, March 2nd.