Winding down 2013…

I have to pinch myself when I look back on this year. It’s wonderful to see how far I have come. I love playing with my band and we have had many amazing opportunities this year.

The most obvious highlight is the show at the Fitzgerald. I looked back at some of my postings and goals for the year when the record came out and one of them was for Garrison Keillor to hear my record! That’s pretty wild.

I was especially touched that so many of you attended the show. It was one of those rare occasions when I didn’t fret about the audience, but there you were and it meant a lot.

I’m thinking ahead to new goals now. I want to make a new record next year and have about half of the songs written. Around 4 new ones are also on the go in my mind right now too. I always worry about not being able to find time to write but somehow it will happen.

Only one more show this year. It’s a really special one and I hope some of you can come. I have always wanted to do an intimate ‘House Show’ and this one is with the amazing ‘batteryboy’ and singer David Ullman. Tickets are limited so please check out this link.

Thank you for all making me feel like this all makes sense ; )

Katy x