Video, T-shirts and more, and more ; )

Katy Uke Logo

Here’s the new Katy Vernon Band logo!! Thanks to Clay for this. Coming soon to t-shirts and mugs, tote bags, hats etc! (More on that below)

A couple of fun videos were uploaded today. The first is a re-cap of the Arc Gala. This is a huge honour to be a part of because they ended up using our song ‘Loving You’ to accompany the entire link. They told me they felt it’s lyrics summed up the feel for the event. What a lovely thing to hear. I’m pinching myself that I was even there!!

Here is the link to it;
In other news there is a fun video that was created to publicize the Southern Theater Sessions that my band is involved with this weekend. This is a very ambitious show that involves 11 Twin Cities bands!;
In other Katy Vernon Band news I am currently creating a ‘Merch’ section on my website. See logo above : ) Updates soon.
Thank you all for supporting me and the band. I love hearing from you.
Katy x

Gala Gig and The Aster Cafe!

As most of you know I was very excited about a show that has been in the works for a long time. Arc Greater Twin Cities had invited me to participate in the Annual Gala a while ago and knowing that it was such a big event and that I’d also have the opportunity to share the stage with The New Standards was making me giddy!!

Finally the big day came and I had to pace myself so I didn’t freak out. Luckily Simon and Clay are very calming influences on me and that always helps. (Not to mention they zipped me into my dress!!)

The event was at the Marriott and I was blown away by the sheer scale of the event. As soon as I arrived for soundcheck I walked into the Ballroom and saw two giant screens with pictures of my brother Peter on them. The room looked beautiful and must have been set for a thousand people I think!

We were so well looked after and even had room helpers to assist with anything we might need. A far cry from most gigs!

As we waited backstage we heard a lovely speech by Amy Klobuchar and she said that the people in the room were “Angels without wings”, really moving.

Then we sang our two songs, ‘Peter’ and ‘Loving You’ and soaked it all in. It flew by but I have to say it was one of the most joyous feelings I have every been lucky enough to experience.

More importantly the event raised over $400,000 for their cause. I got to sing with The New Standards and it was every bit as exciting as I thought it would be.

I will share a video highlight of the event once it’s on Youtube. I saw an early edit and it’s great.

Now onto other shows, first and foremost is the always lovely Aster Cafe this Friday night at 9pm. Hope to see some of you there.


Thank you, Katy x