Suit Of Hearts Release show!!

The CD release party is THIS SATURDAY March 23rd at the Parkway Theater in South Minnepolis. The doors open at 7 for anyone who wants to snag a seat and also help me film a new music video for the title track.Then the music starts at 8pm with Tori Evans. Dan Israel full band, then The Prairie Fire Lady Choir at 9pm, then my band. We will play a few songs for fun and then for the first and only time, play the enbtire record through as recorded with all of the special guests.These include the incredibe Jenny Russ, The Laurel Strings quartet, and the Prairie Fire Lady Choir. This record was a big, bold, ballsy undertaking and would not have been halfway as ambitous without help and support from everyone.

I hope some of you can make it .
Katy #SuitOfHearts