It’s time to make another record… so I’m launching a Kickstarter!!

It’s been five years since I did a Kickstarter and I still feel huge gratutitude to those early backers and the people that believed in me even when I doubted myself. Many of you are still here online, coming to shows, and have become friends!

So….. here goes. Let’s make a record..

So here we are, 100’s of shows, a full band, two records, and an international tour later!!

Most of you know I wear my heart on my sleeve. Possibly too much. It’s the way I am, and this year I felt like I turned myself inside out exposing all of my sins, struggles, fears, and dreams.

Instead of hiding that struggle, I want to celebrate the journey and the strength that can be found in honesty. I want to wear my ‘suit of hearts’ and face the world on it’s own terms.

2016 was rough. After a few crushing years of physical and mental pain, I really had to take a break and hit reset. A chance arose to play two huge ukulele festivals in the UK, and I decided (With the encouragment of my family) to take the plunge and go for it.

This meant 6 weeks alone on the road (My family joined me at the end) and the hard work of booking shows in another country. Train rides, flights, hotels, house shows, and many, many emails, phone calls and leaps of faith later, I had a tour booked. For someone who gets nervous about taking the wrong turn when driving this was a big deal : )

I had never spent time completely alone. As a wife since my early 20’s and a mother all of my 30’s, it was time to reconnect and to where I came from and what I wanted to say.

So I literally travelled all over the UK. To many places I had never been, and back to places I hadn’t seen since I was a child. In one 24 hour period I sang to patients at the London Hospice my mother spent her last days in, tand then travelled to her childhood home and favourite beaches in Wales.

I learnt about the strong line of Celtic women that I came from. I have spent so much of my life grieving that I never allowed myself to truly learn about my roots.

I let the waves wash over me in Brighton, where I spent 9 days on a self imposed writing retreat.

I learned how to get lost, and then find myself again. This isn’t an album about pain or mistakes. This is an album about getting caught in life’s undertow and making it out the other side. Learning to let go.

I think these are some of the best songs I’ve ever written, and I want to make an amzing album that will showcase them.

The amount I am asking for is for recording costs and musician expenses only. I have always paid my band, even if I wasn’t getting paid. I sincerely value their time. I am also going to utilize the incredible Kevin Bowe again. We will be recording in the next few months and I hope to have a record by next summer. (Maybe sooner!)

I self funded my last record, but in order to tour and gig as much as I am currently being asked to I am only working part time. I am already pouring every amount of money I can into this deeply personal project but I need help.

I appreciate the best wishes of you all and with your help I can make this record a reality.19149473_10154422696852257_2900589848615928986_n

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