Gratitude and Grammy winners

I get so caught up in keeping up that sometimes I forget to take a moment to reflect. The past two weeks have been an incredible ride.

Ukefest was bigger and better than ever at its new home. The stunning ‘Hook and Ladder’ theater. We raised $1,200 for both Arc GTC and The Minnesota Music Coalition and had a really sucesful Open Mic! Lots of great stuff to build upon next year. Thank you to WCCo morning news crew for always supporting this show and huge unrepayable thanks to all of the perfomers.

Then the week after that I was able to achieve a couple of music dreams, one of which I have had as long as I’ve lived in MN!

Last Saturday night I was invited to play a house concert and I initially turned it down as it was the night of my Brits ABBA show. But then the host told me it would be with Dan Wilson! Grammy winning writer of hits with Adele, Dixie Chicks, and more. I couldn’t turn it down and rearranged my schedule. Big shout out to the ABBA crew for being patient with me and huge thanks to Tomy and Shaun for making it happen. It was a magical night. Sadly I had to run out of there like ‘Disco Cinderella’ to make it to Brits, but Dan was so kind and said he loved hearing me sing!! Swoon!

The Abba show was amazing. I just adore playing these songs and I guess practice pays off because I am now able to sing and dance like a loon without totally collapsing : )

Then on Sunday I opened a show for my longtime musical influence and all round impressive songwrter, Adam Levy! I have listened to his records on repeat for as long as I’ve lived in MN. The entire weekend was a lesson in how to control my nerves and step up to the moment.

This business is always about the next gig, the next record, the next big thing… but I never ever want to forget to take a moment to look at what I have been able to do and savour and appreciate that moment.

Thank you for taking this ride with me.

Katy xx



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