An overdue hello

Hi everyone who reads these (I have no idea how many of you do!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post. It’s always something I think of doing but then wonder if they get read, if I have anything to say, and if I should be using my time to book shows, plan tours, have band practice, or even write songs! LOL.

But just incase anyone was missing these I thought I’d do an update.

My 3rd UK tour was amazing. Even though I was sick (possible Strep and a bad cold) for much of it, I still had an incredible time.

I visited places I’d never been like Liverpool and Glasgow, and then revisited some favourite places. I was lucky enough to spend a nice chunk of time by the seaside. This time it was in the NE of England. In a place called Whitley Bay. An absolutely beautiful place and so very friendly. I feel so relaxed and happy near the sea. I started a new song, but I don’t want to write a whole new album about the sea again, so we’ll see what happens with it.

Liverpool was amazing. I did the whole Beatles thing and had a great tour guide (Thank you Colin) who showed me all the sights. They are still my favourote band of all time and it was truly inspiring.

I also did a lot of shows. 13 to be exact. These were a nice mix of ukulele events, house concerts and small venues. Every time I tour I meet more musicians, fans and friends. It has expanded my world and made my heart grateful. It really helps the world seem smaller and friendlier.

I am now making a choice to do that Stateside. It has been hard to tour here due to just how far away everything is here. In the UK I can travel the length of the country (and I did) by trian in a day. Here that is not an optipn. So I’ve decided to start small and book some house shows. I would rather have a special intimate show, than play to a half empty bar.

I am starting in MN, IA, and WI. If you are in any of those places and would like to host a concert let me know. I am willing to travel further too if we can make that work.

Since I have been back from tour I have played music almost daily!! That is so new and exciting for me and I would love to keep up that momentum. I’m not shy, I’m willing to try almost any venue. So let me know if you have thoughts. There really are no rules in the music biz anymore, so no idea is a bad one : )

This weekend I will also be taking part in a panel discussion at Hazelfest. Recovery has been a big part of my life the past three years and I was honoured this week to speak at Hazeldon (Treatment Center) and share my story. If you or anyone you know has addiction issues feel free to reach out and I can help cnnect you with Dissoncne (The mental health and recovery organisation I belong to).

OK, enough rambling. Thank you if you read these and thank you for the support.

Katy x