Introducing Favourite Girl

New year, new songs, new band!!!

Some of you already know that I launched a new band at the end of last year. It’s been a dream of mine for a couple of years now to do something new and fresh.

As the end of the Katy Vernon Band happened after the pandemic I realized I was not done. I will never be done. Telling stories, expressing myself, and learning how to be better at playing and writing music

I also felt a fire in my belly to play louder and really throw myself into a rock band! So I started one. It’s proudly feminist and bold. My songwriting still, but turned up to 11. I have surrounded myself with talented female players (Alongside the ever wonderful Paul Odegaard) and we are gearing up for shows.

Some of you may have already seen us at the HiFI Alley show in October and we also played the Ghostnotes Dissonsnce event in November.

Our next show is at Big Turn Fest in Red Wing. We play on Saturday, February 17. At 5pm. See for details.