Just a couple of sad songs…

Here I am getting ready for a second CD release! It’s amazing to think about. All the ideas in my head that turned into songs, all the practice sessions, working out parts with the band (They are amazing and come up with such great ideas), testing arrangement ideas, all the gigs that we played as a band to test them out and feel our way into what worked and what needed work and then the marathon sessions getting them all recorded. All leading to this. The last mad dash to finish and perfect and launch them into the world!

It all feels like a very big accomplishment and a huge goal. The real test seems to be whether anyone will listen, come to shows, buy the record, buy the t-shirt, but that’s not the test. I really just want to be proud of it. Not in a boastful or competitive way, but just as a reflection of what I want to share.

My last record was so personal and steeped in grief and although I felt it had joyful moments it also had a very clear and deliberate theme of loss and longing. I have deliberately left much of that behind.  I even went as far as to have some Hypnotherapy to try and shake off some of my grief and stress. I wanted to honor and remember my past but I felt so stuck in it and so weighed down by sadness that I knew I had to make some changes.

I have already shared the song ‘Pearl’ and that was the direct result of these sessions. I had some things I had to to say goodbye to.

So what does that leave? What do I have to say and why even write? Hopefully this record will show that I still have plenty to share. It’s all about being here now, doing what you love, surrounding yourself with love and music and not trying to be perfect, trying to be grateful and being ‘Present’.

There are still a couple of sad songs, but hey, that’s life ; )


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