A new chapter..

I decided to use my blog as a starting point for more than just my musical musings and updates.

These will be mostly reflections of my upbringing as I start to collect together ideas to share or not share as more of a collection with my children, friends and community.


As way of an intro…

I only have a few memories of my mother.

I remember the Pirate costume she made for me. She pinned an old necklace to an oversized hat and showed me how to wear it tilted on my head, just right so I’d look badass.

She came in to school and berated a mean teacher who told me I was going to sing backstage as my prettier friend sang along out front of the audience.

She told my friends that our dogs hair was permed just because it made her laugh.

She always burnt toast and said she preferred it that way anyway. She didn’t.

She loved the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bobby M.

She was an advocate for the disabled, starting with the fierce love she had for my brother Peter and she went on the BBC to speak up for disability rights.

I remember her telling me the songs she wanted to be sung at her funeral.

I remember sitting in her hospice bed and eating strawberries rolled in sugar.

I don’t remember the sound of her voice.

For all the things I remember and the lifetime of memories I will never have I decided to write as much as I can think think of down.
Before I forget.


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