Better new year

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the support last year and prior to that for some of you. It’s hugely appreciated.

This was a tough one personally and I am grateful to have had music as an outlet, my band as an escape, friends and family’s love, the mental health and recovery communities resources, and all of you. You are my community, and I am so happy to be connected to you all.

New music has been percolating all year and I wanted to take the lessons of last year and make something beautiful. Not just sad songs, and certainly no self pitying ballads or rants, but hopefully something that gets to the heart of how to pick yourself up and carry on.

My immediate goals this year are to play new venues and find new ways to connect.

That includes my new in home concert series. I was inspired by the incredible Shannon Curtis to push myself out there with my own events instead of waiting for others! I have already booked a couple of shows under the ‘Present-Together’ banner and I’m looking for more. This is a donation based event and has no cost to the host. Let’s chat if you’re curious.

I also want to expand on Uke Fest this year and find more ways to support other artists.

In other news, I decided to reprint my sold out first album! I’m celebrating that with a two for $15 special for both records!

See you soon xxx

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