Meeting Mr. Keillor!

What a wonderful night at the Fitzgerald. It was all a bit much to take in.
I unloaded my gear and right away knew I was in another league. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and professional. Seeing ‘Katy Voc’ taped to the mic was even exciting for me!

I was thinking earlier in the day about how when I was 15 I sang a solo at the Royal Albert Hall. It was for a large concert and my school was lucky to be invited. I actually got heckled during my song by a parent from another school!! They were misinformed that their kid would be the only one with a solo that night. They decided to yell at me while I sang. Crazy, but I kept on going and felt this held me in good stead for tonight’s show.

I met Garrison Keillor after sound check and soon realized that my band had disappeared so Mr Keillor and I spent some nice quality time together. We discussed my girls and he thought of a poem with their names in it and the next thing I knew he printed me a copy of it!! Wonderful

The show was so fun and getting to sing my own songs to such a large and welcoming audience was a thrill.

I ended the night by singing an old English song called ‘Underneath The Arches’. It seemed like a good fit and although Mr. Keillor didn’t sing it with me I did choose it with him in mind.

I am so grateful to my fellow musicians too. Simon, Clay and Paul. I truly shared the night with them and felt buoyed by their talents and kindness. At one point Paul leaned over and said “Remember, You’re here for a reason”. That meant so much and although I had moments of wondering if they invited the wrong band I knew deep down how hard we have all worked this year.

Once we started to play I felt great and I’m so proud to have these talented guys on my side!

Thank you to everyone that came. I didn’t get a chance to see most of you but I am blown away by the attendance. Thank you. The whooping when I was introduced was much appreciated ; )

I am so grateful for the opportunity and tried to soak up every moment of the night!1238783_526573170746869_401667315_n

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