Falling Slowly into Fall

I spent some time in the last couple of weeks digesting the amazing experience of singing at the Fitzgerald. It was such a roller coaster of nerves (Not as bad as I thought they’d be) and pure enjoyment.

I have always loved to sing but to stand there on that beautiful stage with my wonderfully talented band mates and sing songs I had written was overwhelming. The best part of the experience was that I felt completely present and let it all soak in.
It’s so incredibly self indulgent to talk about and there were parts of the evening I felt like I should just hold inside and remember. I want to thank all of you that were there though and acknowledge what a great experience it was.

Of course the other side of such a high is the feeling that you may not recapture it. It’s hard to know what other goals to set for myself and the band. I get so worried sometimes about trying to keep up and book shows that I don’t always take a moment to enjoy what I have done. Consider this a moment ; )

Two shows this week, then……

….. I have Uke-Fest coming up and I’m incredibly excited about that. It was so disappointing when the first date fell through due to the water main break. The Aster have worked so hard and I’m extremely grateful that they held a date for this. It’s going to be worth it I promise.

I finally nailed how to play one of my favourite cover songs too, ‘Falling Slowly’ from “Once”. Sounds so pretty on the uke.

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