“Katy Vernon has done something it’s not easy to do: sustain country roots, go pop, and be distinctly original at the same time.”

New songs out today!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lily-single/id982985130 & https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pearl-single/id982986194
New music out today!!!! Lily and Pearl both available for download. I hope you like them.

“her new single, “Pearl,” is a nicely heavy, melancholy tune with slatherings of nifty synth sounds and a magnificent melody that doesn’t half remind me of Lily Allen meeting Noel Gallagher in a dark alley with a neat little wordless hook that’ll sound magnificent all over the radio.”

Recently featured on WCCO News: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2014/11/15/women-who-rock-katy-vernon

And MPR News.. http://www.mprnews.org/story/2014/10/03/ukulele
Katy Vernon is a Minneapolis / St. Paul based singer songwriter. She grew up in London, England and has been writing and singing as long as she can remember. it’s been the way she can get out some pretty serious personal notes about the loss of both her mother and father when she was a child.

“After my mom passed away, it became a more serious outlet for me. Instead of journaling, I would write songs,” Vernon said. “You either want to scream or you just want to sing.”

She moved to the US after meeting her future American husband on a train from Amsterdam to Berlin.

As lead singer for the group ‘The Camdens’, Katy played all over the Twin Cities. She was also nominated for a Minnesota Music Award for her song ‘Invitation’ which was competing for Song Of The Year.

In 2010 Katy picked up a ukulele and this led to a whole new direction for her writing and performing. Katy’s heartfelt lyrics add a weight and poignancy to this happy little instrument. “I’m a singer of sad songs on a happy instrument,”

Katy Vernon has had a very busy couple of years. She has performed at venues such as the Aster Cafe (Which sold out for her Second Annual Uke-Fest!), The Amsterdam Bar, 331 Club, Icehouse, Lee’s Liquor Lounge, The Guthrie and even the Fitzgerald Theater with Garrison Keillor!

Katy now has a full band and is currently working towards a follow up record.

MUSIC: First solo release “Before I Forget“. Brand New Single “Loving You” by the Katy Vernon Band. Katy was honoured to be a part of the Slim Town Singles Project!

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