New music…..

The debut song from Favourite Girl is done mixing and is off to mastering!! Whoot Whoot. It’s called Favourite Girl and inspired the band name. I thought it only fitting to introduce the band with it’s namesake tune. Release date TBA.

Recording and other updates

It’s very exciting to be in the studio again. This time around I am recording with the new band Favourite Girl. We are recording our debut, self titled track. This will introduce you all to the new sound. Then after that is launched we plan to record a whole album!! If you’ve been following me… Continue reading Recording and other updates

Favourite Girl

Favourite Girl is the new project led by British songwriter Katy Vernon. Katy has been performing original melodic folk pop for over 25 years in the Twin Cities and in the UK.  This new project builds upon her catchy songwriting and turns everything up to 11! This almost exclusively female powered rock band performs bold… Continue reading Favourite Girl

An overdue hello

Hi everyone who reads these (I have no idea how many of you do!) It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post. It’s always something I think of doing but then wonder if they get read, if I have anything to say, and if I should be using my time to book… Continue reading An overdue hello

U.K. Tour 2019

I am so excited to make a return trip to my beloved home. When I toured in 2016 I looked at it as a chance of a lifetime to do this. I had no idea I’d be making the trip again and again. I am going a little later this year and planning around the… Continue reading U.K. Tour 2019

City Pages Article 3/20/19 Katy Vernon shares her journey toward healing and recovery on ‘Suit of Hearts’ Wednesday, March 20, 2019 by Erik Thompson in Music Katy Vernon puts the ‘U.K.’ in ukuleleRandy Vanderwood In 2017, Vernon’s life was in disarray. She had recently left her job, quit drinking, and been diagnosed with depression. Amid all that emotional upheaval, she left… Continue reading City Pages Article 3/20/19

We did it!!!

It’s been a year and a half since I launched my kickstarter and now thanks to supporters I have finished the record. The record is off to be mastered. I wrote some of these songs in my darkest months. Literally working out lyrics and melodies while crying in the shower. I spent months pouring myself into… Continue reading We did it!!!