Ukulele Songbird

Katy Vernon at the Bracklesham Uke Weekend. With Matt Hicks.


During her first UK Tour in 2017 a young man approached Katy in a North London venue and said “You are exactly what I imagined you would be, a Ukulele Songbird’! Katy liked it so much that it has come to define her sweet but also strong sound.

Katy took up the ukulele in 2010 after years of songwriting. Something sparked in her as soon as she picked up a new instrument. Songwriting was kicked into high gear and she has never looked back. Katy loves that the ukulele has also expanded her career into the Ukulele festival scene.  She has appeared at Festivals in the Midwest and UK, such as the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, Brown County Ukulele Fest, Taste Of Minnesota, Allegheny Uke Soiree, Bracklesham Uke Weekend, Big Turn Fest, and Hazelfest. 

Uke Magazine, together with Uke Planet website, named ‘Suit Of hearts’ The best ukulele album of the year. Katy will be returning to the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain this summer.

Katy continues to be an in demand solo musician and was named ‘Acoustic Performer Of The Year’ by City Pages.

Over and Over – Katy Vernon solo with ukulele.

Sad Songs On A Happy Instrument:

This sentence came to Katy as she tried to distill the sound her music into one easy sentence.

Having spent a lifetime trying to communicate her experiences with grief, loneliness, addiction, and more she always felt like an element was missing. Singing about her feelings felt easier than talking about them but it wasn’t until she picked up the ukulele that it all fell into place. The ukulele is traditionally a “happy” sounding little instrument and it lent a natural lift both musically and thematically that transformed Katy’s music. Even when the lyrics are devastatingly honest and moving, the songs reach across genres and make audiences smile.
Katy is also writing a musical memoir with this as the title. Stories and the music they inspired.

UKULELE FESTIVALS: In addition to using the ukulele to kick start her songwriting, Katy also enjoys traveling and getting to connect with ukulele fans in the US and beyond.

Katy has now done several UK tours appearing in festivals large and small. She is excited to return this summer.

In addition to these UK opportunities Katy has also appeared at the Allegheny Uke Soiree, the Brown County Ukulele Fest, and the Silvercreek Ukulele Carnival.

Katy also ran a successful Uke Fest Minnesota for several years, raising thousands of dollars for The ARC Minnesota.

WORKSHOPS: Katy doesn’t just play the uke, she also teaches songwriting. She has been teaching songwriting with the ukulele for several years now and has had amazing feedback. Want to learn how to bring Katy into your uke group or gathering? Just send an email.