Gig updates and taking a break to record…

I have only two shows this month. I’m really excited about this one.

Set Swap with Dan Israel. Wednesday, July 2nd. 9-11. 331 Bar (331 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413)

Dan was an inspiration to me before he even knew it! I read an article about him by Jim Walsh many years ago and decided I wanted to meet him. I ended up making friends with both of them and they were both a huge part of getting me out of the house and singing again!

We’ll be swapping sets all night, so come along if you can.

I’ll be taking a break from gigs for much of the next couple of months to start work on my next record. It’s an exciting time but I need to slow down a bit to make it happen… Stay tuned..


This week I have two outdoor shows, so please cross fingers, toes, eyes, whatever you’ve got to keep the rain away!!

The first one is tomorrow night, Thursday, June 26th in downtown White Bear Lake. It’s the second week of Marketfest. If you’ve never been, it’s a super fun tradition in those parts. Come for the corn dogs and car show and stay for the music. Lots of stalls selling and pitching everything that’s great about WBL. My band plays on the Banning Street Stage from 6-9pm. Everything is free, but come early to find good parking.

Then on Sunday, June 29th my band will be playing at PRIDE! I’m so excited. It’s going to be our biggest show as a band and we have a fun, upbeat set list to keep people hopping. We play 2:30-3:15 on the RAINBOW Stage. Loring Park Minneapolis is one of my favourite places in the world, so I couldn’t be more excited.

I only have a couple of shows lined up in July. I’m going to take a little break and start recording. It’s been hard to keep up the pace but I am so grateful for the opportunities and fiun shows we’ve had this year. Now it’s time to create new music.

Take care and see you soon, Katy


PS: Please note that there is a singer in Minneapolis called Katy Vernon Thomasberg. She has only recently started including her middle name in her show billing and it has caused a lot of gig confusion. I know some of you have shared with me that you’ve seen my name on posters, websites etc that were not my actual shows. I am trying to correct this whenever I see it but before heading out to a show please check my website. I always do my best to keep that up to date. Cheers : )

Tonight, tomorrow and this weekend…

Tonight is the last ‘Residency Show’ at the Amsterdam Bar. It’s been a ton of fun and tonight will feature a set by Brian Just (Our True Brit! radio show link up now at archives) and then the Katy Vernon Band.
Music starts in the Bar at 10pm due to a John Moe Book Signing event happening at 7pm in the Hall.

Thanks to all the great bands that have made this such a fun residency. As always the music is free : )

Then, just added: A Katy Vernon Trio Podcast.
“This week the FladCast is at 1600 Portland Ave. St. Paul. Our good friend and former WCCO producer “Tom” built…an….entire…..cantina….in his back yard. Complete with coy ponds/vines/exotica. It’s the perfect setting to broadcast Wednesday’s show featuring KATY VERNON TRIO.
Discovering the outstanding original songwriters of Minnesota and broadcasting every Wednesday at 7pm. Visit for more info!!!”
The event is free and BYOB!!

Last but not least is the Stone Arch Festival this weekend. We are thrilled to be playing the Cities 97 Stage (Out on the river!) at 1:45-2:30pm on Saturday, June 14th.

Thank you all, Katy.

Katy, Katy everywhere!!

Hi all, this is going to be the busiest couple of weeks ever!!

I just got really exciting news yesterday: JUST ADDED* Saturday, June 14th , Stone Arch Bridge Festival, Cities 97 Stage, Water Power Park. Full Katy Vernon Band 1:45-2:30pm. Free, All ages. Art, sunshine, music, fun!!! I am so grateful to the bookers of the Stone Arch Festival for having us back this year. It was one of my favourite shows of the Summer last year and has been a family tradition for years to attend this fun Father’s Day weekend event. (Special shout out to Dan Israel, who among others put in a good word for the band x)


Before that though please consider coming down to Harriet Brewing this Saturday, June 7th to see two ukulele driven songstresses!! The delightful Savannah Smith will be celebrating her recent fundraising success and the launch of her next recording project. She plays at 7 and the full Katy Vernon band will take the stage around 8:30. If you have never been to Harriet Brewing you really should check it out. It’s a fun, relaxed venue with awesome beer and usually a high quality Food Truck right out back. In other gig news the Trio will play outside at the Piazza on Nicollet Mall this week and next Tuesday,

June 10th is my LAST residency show of the year at the Amsterdam. It’s been a lot of fun and I couldn’t think of a nicer guy to end the run with, Mr. Brian Just!!! Music starts at 10pm. Speaking of Brian, we will be taking over ‘True Brit!’ Radio on KFAI this coming Friday, June 6th at Midnight. Fun, music a cheeky shenanigans will be had by all. You can listen in or stream the archives the next day.I will post a link.

Thank you all for the encouragement and support. It means so much to me and inspires me to work harder every day, Katy xx

Singing from the heart

Two shows this week and they are both for great causes. I was asked by ‘Speak from the heart’ organizers to lend my support to anti bullying and acceptance for people with disabilities . I’ll be singing my song ‘Peter’ and also ‘Loving You’, which was written originally for Slim Dunlap. This song really resonated with people when I performed it at the Arc GTC Gala. It’s always a joy to find out that a song can take on different meanings for people and this song is about loving and supporting someone who is going through a hard time. It’s the community that springs up around that person that inspired the song and this week is a perfect example of that happening at both of these events.

I am truly honoured to be a part of them both.
Wednesday, May 21, 6:00pm, ‘Speak from the heart’ fundraiser, Vadnais Heights Sports Arena. Katy Solo

The second show of the week is the ‘Slim Town Singles’ Hoot. This will be an amazing lineup of many of the performers that have released songs to support Slim.10325745_10202153391981583_8470380334100730092_n
Thursday, May 22. Slim Hoot at Harriet Brewing. 5:30-8:30pm

Letting go…

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and working to get happier and healthier. My last record was a tribute to my parents and the love that they raised me with. The overwhelming sense of loss that I felt for most of my life without them inspired many of the songs and it has been a long journey from there to here.

I am happy that I wrote those songs and still enjoy singing most of them but the time has come to move on.

I’ve been writing newer songs that celebrate enjoying the moment. Being grateful for what I have and having fun. It’s hokey as can be but I want to celebrate happiness.

Depression and anxiety have been a real struggle and I couldn’t ignore the fact that it was taking a toll on my health and taking me away from my family and everyday abilities. I have been seeking help and doing better and would be happy to answer any questions if you want to ask them privately.

Thank you for the support that you have all shown me as I bare my soul and connect with you all. I’m really excited about the new songs and hope to start recording this summer.

For now here’s a little Mother’s Day ditty that I wrote for my kids.

Hope to see some of you at the Amsterdam tomorrow night. Set swap with Mary Bue.

Love, Katy x


It’s my birthday and I’ll sing if I want to!!

I am happy to say that I’ve made it to another year! Here I am singing away, and plucking out tunes and lucky enough to have supportive people in my life to do it all with.

Tonight I get to spend some time with a few of you lovely folks at the Amsterdam in Saint Paul.

Music starts at 8:30 and in addition to surrounding myself with talented friends who will each sing a few numbers I am also having a mini reunion with my old band mate, Scott Walker. Some of you will recall the late 90’s band ‘The Camdens’ ; )

That was when I couldn’t play an instrument but I sang my heart out at all the cool venues and concerts in town!! Scott was a great partner and friend and I’m thrilled to share the stage with him again tonight.

My full band will also be joining me to end the evening and I can’t think of much better ways to spend a birthday.

This year I plan to make another record, make some videos and play some newer venues. Thank you to everyone who encourages me along the way. It means a lot and I never take it for granted.

If I had any words of wisdom it would be “Do what you’re always dreamed of doing. Believe in yourself and just start something” It’s never too late.Galapic

Katy x

Video, T-shirts and more, and more ; )

Katy Uke Logo

Here’s the new Katy Vernon Band logo!! Thanks to Clay for this. Coming soon to t-shirts and mugs, tote bags, hats etc! (More on that below)

A couple of fun videos were uploaded today. The first is a re-cap of the Arc Gala. This is a huge honour to be a part of because they ended up using our song ‘Loving You’ to accompany the entire link. They told me they felt it’s lyrics summed up the feel for the event. What a lovely thing to hear. I’m pinching myself that I was even there!!

Here is the link to it;
In other news there is a fun video that was created to publicize the Southern Theater Sessions that my band is involved with this weekend. This is a very ambitious show that involves 11 Twin Cities bands!;
In other Katy Vernon Band news I am currently creating a ‘Merch’ section on my website. See logo above : ) Updates soon.
Thank you all for supporting me and the band. I love hearing from you.
Katy x

Gala Gig and The Aster Cafe!

As most of you know I was very excited about a show that has been in the works for a long time. Arc Greater Twin Cities had invited me to participate in the Annual Gala a while ago and knowing that it was such a big event and that I’d also have the opportunity to share the stage with The New Standards was making me giddy!!

Finally the big day came and I had to pace myself so I didn’t freak out. Luckily Simon and Clay are very calming influences on me and that always helps. (Not to mention they zipped me into my dress!!)

The event was at the Marriott and I was blown away by the sheer scale of the event. As soon as I arrived for soundcheck I walked into the Ballroom and saw two giant screens with pictures of my brother Peter on them. The room looked beautiful and must have been set for a thousand people I think!

We were so well looked after and even had room helpers to assist with anything we might need. A far cry from most gigs!

As we waited backstage we heard a lovely speech by Amy Klobuchar and she said that the people in the room were “Angels without wings”, really moving.

Then we sang our two songs, ‘Peter’ and ‘Loving You’ and soaked it all in. It flew by but I have to say it was one of the most joyous feelings I have every been lucky enough to experience.

More importantly the event raised over $400,000 for their cause. I got to sing with The New Standards and it was every bit as exciting as I thought it would be.

I will share a video highlight of the event once it’s on Youtube. I saw an early edit and it’s great.

Now onto other shows, first and foremost is the always lovely Aster Cafe this Friday night at 9pm. Hope to see some of you there.


Thank you, Katy x

Slim Town Singles

I have a single coming out tomorrow!! That’s something I’ve never said before and it’s pretty exciting. The band came together to work on our first recording since the CD ‘Before I Forget’. We recorded a song I wrote in honor and support of Slim Dunlap. Whatever you decide to pay for a download will go to Slim’s care.

The first time I heard Slim play live was at Dan Israel’s cd release party a few years back. I had heard of Slim and of course The Replacements but had a severe, somewhat embarrassing lack of knowledge about him and his songs. At least I grew up in London, so that’s some kind of excuse!  The fun upside to that was what a delightful discovery I had in him. Sitting in the Aster Cafe hearing ‘The Ballad of the opening band’ for the first time made me smile so wide I could feel it in my tastebuds!! He also sang ‘Hate this town’ and even though both songs were new to me I felt like I had lived them and loved them forever! 

I had a wonderful opportunity to perform at Slim’s 60th birthday party. I was there to sing backup with The Mad Ripple and was really just grateful to be involved with such a great lineup. The highlight of the day was seeing Bob’s reaction and wonderful performance with his old band. I know it was a labor of love for everyone there that day and it’s one of my fondest music memories. Another fond highlight was sitting and getting to play next to Slim at the Guthrie Hoot.

The song I wrote ‘Loving You’ was inspired by not only Slim and his family but also the community that sprang up in response to his stroke. I was touched by the outpouring of support and love that I witnessed in those early days and it seemed to me a reflection of what he and Chrissie have consistently put out into the community. Watching the number of people climb higher every day on social media supporting them and wishing them well was a beautiful thing and although facebook can be a strange thing I really saw this as a shining example of how we can use media to communicate and contribute in a meaningful way.

I hope you like the song. I am really grateful to Clay Williams for not only playing guitar on it but for recording and producing it. His support and guidance are beyond meaningful to me. Thank you to Simon Husbands for not only being one of my best friends but one of the most talented people I know. I can’t imagine a better singing partner, and to Chris McAtee and Reed Pagel for joining in the madness and helping me live my dream of having a band. Special thanks as always to Paul Odegaard for lending his “Voice” the most stylish of trumpet stylings!!