U.K. Tour 2019

I am so excited to make a return trip to my beloved home. When I toured in 2016 I looked at it as a chance of a lifetime to do this. I had no idea I’d be making the trip again and again.

I am going a little later this year and planning around the wonderful folks in Washington (near Newcastle) for their first ever UkeFest. Then I had to search around for a few more dates to make the most of my time.

I have a really lovely variety of pubs, house concerts, and uke events to balance out the tour.

There is no right way to work the music business anymore and I feel honoured to be making a tour that really connects with people where they are.

I will be mostly staying in people’s homes and exploring with friends and soon to be friends.

As i did in 2016 I am carving out some time to write and hope to return with new songs for whatever the next project will be.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be an adventure!!