Receiving and giving!

As of this blog..

196 people have already pledged support so that I can make my next record.

That is mind boggling and my favourite part is that the majority of them are $10 or $25 pledges (more is amazing too of course) which means people are pre-purchasing the music by allowing me to make it, and THAT is the new music industry!

No record labels are kicking down the doors of middle aged mothers in the burbs. Singing should not be a reality show, contact sport.

Songs come from real life experience, and the fact that there is an audience for that makes me feel like everything I’m doing has some small meaning in this crazy world.

The last two shows I have played I told people about this project. I let people take CDs home and pledge on their own time and hopefully feel inspired by the music they heard to help me make an album that will expand upon the songs and make something truly special.

The campaign took a huge leap after each show and i want to thank you all so much for that!!

I have been asked to play a show the night of Sept 23rd and that will wrap up this time in my life so nicely. Instead of it being anything to do with my big ask, it will actually be a fundraiser for Hurricane relief.

I can’t think of a better way to close this campaign than by focusing outwards on others.

Thank you all for the kind words, the social shares, and every single pledge. All the best, katy

SEPTEMBER 23rd. 7:30pm @

329 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454

To Hell With Harvey! Texas Hurricane Relief Fundraiser


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