Last show of the year tonight with my good friends and fellow ukulele players, The Meteor Boys. I play at 9pm and they are on at 10pm.

Schooner Tavern, 2901 27th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

I was trying to slow down and take time off but it’s hard to say no to these charming fella’s.

My newest recording is almost done. A single called “Loving You’. This will be a part of the ‘Slim Town Singles’ project, which is an online project to raise money for Slim Dunlap’s medical care. Details on facebook under Slim Town Singles page.

Coming out soon on Youtube will be a fun little project I did a few months ago. It’s called the ‘Naked Songwriter’ and put together by DEMO. They just uploaded the first episode and it features Ben Kyle. It’s a segment on songs and songwriting. I forget what I even said when I did it so it will be fun to watch!

Thank you all for supporting me this year. Show number 55 tonight!!

See you next year xx

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