Slim Town Singles

I have a single coming out tomorrow!! That’s something I’ve never said before and it’s pretty exciting. The band came together to work on our first recording since the CD ‘Before I Forget’. We recorded a song I wrote in honor and support of Slim Dunlap. Whatever you decide to pay for a download will go to Slim’s care.

The first time I heard Slim play live was at Dan Israel’s cd release party a few years back. I had heard of Slim and of course The Replacements but had a severe, somewhat embarrassing lack of knowledge about him and his songs. At least I grew up in London, so that’s some kind of excuse!  The fun upside to that was what a delightful discovery I had in him. Sitting in the Aster Cafe hearing ‘The Ballad of the opening band’ for the first time made me smile so wide I could feel it in my tastebuds!! He also sang ‘Hate this town’ and even though both songs were new to me I felt like I had lived them and loved them forever! 

I had a wonderful opportunity to perform at Slim’s 60th birthday party. I was there to sing backup with The Mad Ripple and was really just grateful to be involved with such a great lineup. The highlight of the day was seeing Bob’s reaction and wonderful performance with his old band. I know it was a labor of love for everyone there that day and it’s one of my fondest music memories. Another fond highlight was sitting and getting to play next to Slim at the Guthrie Hoot.

The song I wrote ‘Loving You’ was inspired by not only Slim and his family but also the community that sprang up in response to his stroke. I was touched by the outpouring of support and love that I witnessed in those early days and it seemed to me a reflection of what he and Chrissie have consistently put out into the community. Watching the number of people climb higher every day on social media supporting them and wishing them well was a beautiful thing and although facebook can be a strange thing I really saw this as a shining example of how we can use media to communicate and contribute in a meaningful way.

I hope you like the song. I am really grateful to Clay Williams for not only playing guitar on it but for recording and producing it. His support and guidance are beyond meaningful to me. Thank you to Simon Husbands for not only being one of my best friends but one of the most talented people I know. I can’t imagine a better singing partner, and to Chris McAtee and Reed Pagel for joining in the madness and helping me live my dream of having a band. Special thanks as always to Paul Odegaard for lending his “Voice” the most stylish of trumpet stylings!!

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