New year, New start

Happy New Year, it’s funny how out of date that already sounds to say out loud! Are people still going to the gym, dieting, giving up vices? I didn’t make any resolutions really. Nothing I hadn’t already tried to do at least. I guess I could drink less, swear less, shout less. Those are all good goals.

My biggest goal this year is to be well. For those of you that know me outside of music stuff, you will know that this past year has been a personal challenge. I had some major health issues that were getting in the way of everything. Looking back I can’t believe I worked, gigged and managed under those conditions, but I know that having had surgery this month and some time off from everything I am really looking forward to a better year.

That involves some amazing shows and even more importantly it involves a new record! I was just talking with someone yesterday about the business side of music and it can be incredibly draining sometimes to push that side of things, BUT I have done that with your help. I have also only made one solo record. It’s actually amazing to have this kind of support and opportunities on the strength of one record.

I thank all of you that backed my kickstarter and started me on this road. I also realize what a gift it’s been to inherit ‘Uke Fest’. That gave me so much inspiration to reach beyond my own musical ambitions and connect with other musicians and uke fans alike. More on this year’s fest to come.

Some of you are already on my mailing list but please send me your email address if you’d like to be added. I will be giving away some swag and downloads as the new record reaches completion. Send your email to (I promise I don’t email too much)

Thank you and go easy on yourselves if you ditched the resolution, there are no rules that you can’t start over anytime : )




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