The Driftwood Char Bar…

Hello again. This is a busy month. Just the right way to kick off a new year.

First of all the band will be playing at the Driftwood Char Bar in S. Minneapolis this coming Saturday, Jan 12th. Music starts at 9pm, we play around 10pm.

A funny story about that venue is that it was the first place I ever played a solo show. I was singing backup with The Mad Ripple’ that night and was asked to open. I was hesitant and not at all sure I was up to the task but decided to just go for it! I played for maybe 25 minutes and felt myself shaking throughout but I did it and it was a huge leap for me at the time. No-one booed me off the stage and I didn’t break anything : )

How sweet now then to be returning with my very own band.

Ever since I picked up the ukulele I have tried to live by the motto “Do one thing everyday that scares you”



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