OK, so this week has been ridiculous! Crazy making cold, but what can you do!

I played a last minute show this past Monday at The Amsterdam. That makes two Mondays in a row there and what a lovely place.

We had fun playing as a trio last week with Nina Yasmineh, then returned this week to open up for Reina Del Cid. ‘The Cidezens” were kicking off their new Monday night residency at the Amsterdam. I had heard many great things so it was fun to join them. It was just Clay and I for the night. We hope to go back. I must say it was the coldest indoor show I have ever played though. I wanted to barricade the doors to keep in the heat.

Tomorrow we’ll get even colder playing the ‘Saint Paul Winter Carnival’. We play a “Semi-heated Tent” in RICE PARK at 5pm. It should be a lot of fun and for sure earn me some kind of honorary Minnesotan award ; )

Other fun shows on the books including a return to Bacio and a weekend in Duluth. Other ideas are floating around for Spring too, so plenty to think about.

Take care, keep warm and hope to see you at a show.

Katy x

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