Receiving and giving!

As of this blog.. 196 people have already pledged support so that I can make my next record. That is mind boggling and my favourite part is that the majority of them are $10 or $25 pledges (more is amazing too of course) which means people are pre-purchasing the music by allowing me to make… Continue reading Receiving and giving!

It’s time to make another record… so I’m launching a Kickstarter!!

It’s been five years since I did a Kickstarter and I still feel huge gratutitude to those early backers and the people that believed in me even when I doubted myself. Many of you are still here online, coming to shows, and have become friends! So….. here goes. Let’s make a record.. So here… Continue reading It’s time to make another record… so I’m launching a Kickstarter!!

Going home

It’s been a while since I blogged here. I have actually been writing more for other outlets. I wrote a blog for ‘Dissonance’ online community ( and then ‘Savour’ magazine ( asked me to write a quartlery series of articles about mental health, recovery and creativity! Phew. That’s been a lot to take on and has… Continue reading Going home

Better new year

Hi everyone, Thanks for the support last year and prior to that for some of you. It’s hugely appreciated. This was a tough one personally and I am grateful to have had music as an outlet, my band as an escape, friends and family’s love, the mental health and recovery communities resources, and all of… Continue reading Better new year

A new chapter..

I decided to use my blog as a starting point for more than just my musical musings and updates. These will be mostly reflections of my upbringing as I start to collect together ideas to share or not share as more of a collection with my children, friends and community.   As way of an… Continue reading A new chapter..