OK, so this week has been ridiculous! Crazy making cold, but what can you do!

I played a last minute show this past Monday at The Amsterdam. That makes two Mondays in a row there and what a lovely place.

We had fun playing as a trio last week with Nina Yasmineh, then returned this week to open up for Reina Del Cid. ‘The Cidezens” were kicking off their new Monday night residency at the Amsterdam. I had heard many great things so it was fun to join them. It was just Clay and I for the night. We hope to go back. I must say it was the coldest indoor show I have ever played though. I wanted to barricade the doors to keep in the heat.

Tomorrow we’ll get even colder playing the ‘Saint Paul Winter Carnival’. We play a “Semi-heated Tent” in RICE PARK at 5pm. It should be a lot of fun and for sure earn me some kind of honorary Minnesotan award ; )

Other fun shows on the books including a return to Bacio and a weekend in Duluth. Other ideas are floating around for Spring too, so plenty to think about.

Take care, keep warm and hope to see you at a show.

Katy x

Talking about myself

I spent the morning chatting with Dwight Hobbes. He was nice enough to review my record a couple of months ago. It was surprising in the best way possible to read what he had to say. He told me he has quite the reputation for bad reviews so it’s all the sweeter! LOL

Here’s what he had to say last time.

Finger’s crossed his editors feel like I’m a gain to the Twin Cities too. I’ll update if the interview makes it into print.

I’ll be playing at the Amsterdam tonight at 9pm with the ‘Katy Vernon Trio’. Clay Williams, Simon Husbands and I are having a lot of fun working through songs new and old. It’s always fun as a singer to work with a more intimate set up but also I feel myself listening to them both and becoming a better musician.

Maybe see you later…

Newest press

It was pretty exciting to see a new article in the latest issue of White Bear Lake magazine. It’s a new glossy monthly and they ran a lovely picture that my husband took. It’s the same picture we used on the back of the cd cover. The photo was taken in Bayfield, WI. A really nice town on the other side of Lake Superior from Duluth.

The best part of appearing in local press is that kids from school run over to show me and get excited. That is always a fun thing to experience. copy

The Driftwood Char Bar…

Hello again. This is a busy month. Just the right way to kick off a new year.

First of all the band will be playing at the Driftwood Char Bar in S. Minneapolis this coming Saturday, Jan 12th. Music starts at 9pm, we play around 10pm.

A funny story about that venue is that it was the first place I ever played a solo show. I was singing backup with The Mad Ripple’ that night and was asked to open. I was hesitant and not at all sure I was up to the task but decided to just go for it! I played for maybe 25 minutes and felt myself shaking throughout but I did it and it was a huge leap for me at the time. No-one booed me off the stage and I didn’t break anything : )

How sweet now then to be returning with my very own band.

Ever since I picked up the ukulele I have tried to live by the motto “Do one thing everyday that scares you”



New Website!

Hi there. Thanks to the talented Mr. Simon Husbands I now have an official website. I can’t tell you how exciting this is.

It’s still hard for me to put myself out there and talk about myself so darn much, but here goes.

Some of you have asked about my band name. It’s the Katy Vernon Band for now and who knows if that might change. It’s been a long journey getting my name out there though, so it feels right. As many of you know I lost my parents at a young age and it’s inspiring for me to feel like I am carrying on with their name.

None of this past years progress could have happened without the help and talents of my fine musician friends and cohorts. Huge thanks to Kevin Steinman (Who you just have to hear sing at for guiding the process of my solo cd ‘Before I Forget’ and to all the amazing musicians on the record.

I am lucky enough to be able to call them friends and for the most part band mates.

I will be sharing my thoughts, gig updates and other news in this blog. I hope you will enjoy it with me.

In the words of my guru/mentor/friend Jim Walsh “More to come”