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I warned some of you that I’d be pushing ‘Uke-Fest’ hard, and I have. It was daunting to take on the role of organiser for an event and it’s never easy to know how to promote something.
It helped that I had a big dose of passion for this show though. That can make even the most shameless pitch meaningful.
I had no idea if WCCO would even reply to my emails, let alone film an interview. I feel extremely grateful for that.
This story by Andrea Swensson does a great job capturing the purpose behind this gig.

Despite the attached stories behind my reasons for doing this the main thing I hope people walk away from is that I have amazingly talented people playing the show and that the Ukulele is an amazing little instrument that can make songs fly and hearts flutter. We will all leave happy, charmed and singing!!
Special thanks to all of the musicians on the lineup!

Brianna Lane, Dave Kapell, Jim Clifford (The Meteor Boys), John Munson, Keldon Ancheta, Shawn Gibbons, Eric Carranza, Sada Estrada, Natalie Lovejoy, and Dean R Johnson!!

So anyway, thank you all for the support. It’s been overwhelming, but in a great way.

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CBS Uke-Fest Interview

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