Song Meanings, Connections…

Hi there. It’s been an interesting week. I took part in a couple of events that really moved me and made me think so much about why I write and perform. The first was a private show and I don’t want to even get into the details of it. Those that were in attendance know that it was an honour for me to be involved in and I was extremely touched. Sorry to be vague.

The second was my small part in the massive undertaking at Icehouse yesterday and then night before. Mick Sterling and his 30 Days Foundation mounted  a 30 hour show to raise awareness of teenage homelessness. The organisation it benefited was ‘Avenues for Homeless Youth’.

What I hadn’t really connected to beyond just my desire to be involved in a good cause was how much I could relate to it. The organisation supports Teens age 16-21.

At 17 both of my parents had passed away and within weeks I went from feeling like a pretty normal teen to living with my slightly older brother as my legal guardian. Things went downhill pretty fast and any sense of a normal home went out the window. Drugs were dealt, furniture went missing and strangers filled the house day and night. One night my brother told me not to come back and if it wasn’t for friends and support I know I could have quickly spiraled out of control. My coping mechanism was school. I got a job and stayed in school and at 18 was able to move into college housing. All sense of ‘Home” was gone and although I love my brother I know that it was a deeply damaging time for both of us.

I met and married my husband young (at 21) and I think a big part of that was knowing that I wanted to create a family and a home. I j0ked during this show that although I grew up quick I feel now like I just want to quit growing up and have fun! That’s so true and a huge reason why I sing and play my happy little ukulele.

Anyway if you have read this far thank you. I have never talked much about any of this. I don’t want to hurt my brothers feelings as I’m sure he did his best, but this is part of who I am and this is why I felt a really strong connection yesterday. I hope to get more directly involved with this cause too.

Happy Halloween folks, Katy x

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