Uke Fest, WCCO, MPR and more

Phew, this has been quite the week!

First and foremost I am super excited for Uke Fest. I know, I know, I’ve talked about it forever. This has become my little baby and to see it grow and make friends and take on a life of it’s own is incredibly thrilling. It’s the little show that grows and who knows, maybe someday we’ll have to find a bigger venue! (Although I am incredibly grateful to the Aster for all of their support)

Table reservations are currently¬† “Sold out” but please take a chance and come if you were planning to. Anything could happen and those seats are not pre-sold.

I have such a great lineup of uke players and non uke players (as in better known as guitarists) including the amazing Keldon Ancheta. He will be the subject of an upcoming episode of

I enjoyed meeting with host, Dan Olson and discussing how I met Keldon, his performance at last years Uke Fest and then a little about my own journey with the ukulele. It should air later this week.

Then just this morning I met with Natalie Nyhus from WCCO news. She does a great series on ‘Women Who Rock’ and in the past couple of weeks I was filmed solo and with the band and then today got to chat with her and tell her a little bit about my life. The piece was originally going to air this week to promote Uke Fest but will now air to highlight a future show. I will update when I know more.

It’s really been a thrill to get to share these kinds of moments. All I’ve really ever wanted was to have the chance to express myself and actually have a few people show up to listen.

Singing and writing is such a big outlet for me but to have people enjoy it is incredibly rewarding. I guess if I sang in an empty forest I would still love it but people hearing it makes is so much better.

I hope to see some of you this weekend. I will have t-shirts, necklaces and FREE BUTTONS for Uke Festers and I know we’ll have a fab time.

Love and thanks1450124_10152269119267257_1369157497304645872_n, Katy.

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