A new chapter..

I decided to use my blog as a starting point for more than just my musical musings and updates.

These will be mostly reflections of my upbringing as I start to collect together ideas to share or not share as more of a collection with my children, friends and community.


As way of an intro…

I only have a few memories of my mother.

I remember the Pirate costume she made for me. She pinned an old necklace to an oversized hat and showed me how to wear it tilted on my head, just right so I’d look badass.

She came in to school and berated a mean teacher who told me I was going to sing backstage as my prettier friend sang along out front of the audience.

She told my friends that our dogs hair was permed just because it made her laugh.

She always burnt toast and said she preferred it that way anyway. She didn’t.

She loved the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bobby M.

She was an advocate for the disabled, starting with the fierce love she had for my brother Peter and she went on the BBC to speak up for disability rights.

I remember her telling me the songs she wanted to be sung at her funeral.

I remember sitting in her hospice bed and eating strawberries rolled in sugar.

I don’t remember the sound of her voice.

For all the things I remember and the lifetime of memories I will never have I decided to write as much as I can think think of down.
Before I forget.


Eat, Drink (or not) and be Merry (or not)…

It’s time to talk…

This has been a year! Instead of wallowing in how tough it’s been for me personally I am looking ahead. I didn’t even know how bad I was feeling until it became unmanagable. That led me to ‘Dissonance’, an organisation that supports people and opens up dialog between the arts and mental healh.
So here I am doing an event with them. I’ve navigated a lifetime of feeling awkward, lonely, different, and just plain sad around this time of year. It brings up a lot of feelings but I’m still here. I love watching my kids put up a tree and I love the songs, the movies, the food! We are all stonger when we recognize our weaknesses and prop each other up. If you’d like to come please check out the link. Donation only event, free for those that need that.

UK Tour!! Next Summer. More details to come, but I’m so excited! If you know of any venues, radio, press, and even just have friends in the UK please let me know about them. I have some big plans already but want to make more.
To help celebrate my UK tour I have made new necklaces. Avaible now because you don’t need to fly to the UK to look this cool ; ) $10 each. Handmade by me.
Shows to come to…Tuesday, December 6th. IDS Music Under Glass. Lunchtime Holiday music series. Katy Solo. Noon.

Wednesday, December 7th. Aster Cafe. Singer Songwriter night. Katy solo. 8:30pm. Just a couple of tunes. No cover.

Wednesday, December 14th. City Center Lunchtime Holiday music series. Katy Solo. Noon.

Thursday, December 15th. Dissonance presents: Unhappy Holidays. Panel discussion and performance. Open Book, Minneapolis. 7pm. Katy solo. Free.


January 4th 2017 at 7:00 pm, Sample Night Live. Landmark Center, St. Paul. Katy solo.

Friday, January 13th.ABBASolutely Fab headlining at the Turf Club. 9pm.

UK tour dates to announced soon.

Thank you David Tanner for this great shot from the Turf Club. In the past month I have been lucky enough to play The Cedar, and the Turf (Replacements tribute show). Two of my favourite Twin Cities venues. Here I am playing Skyway’ and I loved it so much I’m going to add it to my regular shows.
Looking ahead to next year I have a couple of Abba shows in the works. First up is the Turf Club. We’re thrilled to be headlinging another fab night of bands.
Friday, January 13th. ABBASolutely Fab headlining at the Turf Club. 9pm.
Thank you for the support this year. It means a lot.
Buy music, support art, be kind, unwind : )

2016 wrap up!

Looking Ahead

This was a challenging year. Not just for me, but for a lot of friends and folks in general.
I have learnt a lot and I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. I already have some amazingly exciting things in the works for 2017 (Picture below is a hint!) and look forward to being able to share that soon.

Last 2016 Katy Vernon Band Show!!

One of my goals next year is to play with my amazing band more. They are SO awesome and I would gladly play every week with them if people wanted us to! Your last chance this year is a week from today.

Friday, November 4th at the Aster Cafe. 9pm. The lovely Natalie Lovejoy opens the show.
This will very likely sell out so please call to reserve a table. Walkins can still be seated at the bar for those procrastinators we know and love : ) Aster Cafe. Minneapolis. Call # 612-379-3138

Abba Show!!
Our last show of the year!! Tomorrow night (Saturday, October 29th) We play Brits birthday bash. Kinda Kinky (Kinks band) play at 8:30 and we play at 10. No cover, drink specials, and come dressed up!! You know I’ll be rocking my blonde wig xxx
Brits Pub. Minneapolis.

Full to capacity Uke Fest crowd!!!
Thank you to everyone who came to Uke Fest. I wasn’t sure if switching venues this year would work. You packed the place!!! Wow.
We raised over $700 for both of the charities and from a musical point of view I really think it was the best one yet!!
Thank you to all of the perfomers.
Dean Johnson, Anna Lee Roberts, Daniel Nass, Mark Olsen, Mary Bue, Dave Randall, Caiti Allison, Lauren Ashiem, Corey Mohan (Hula peppers), Dave Kapell, Simon Husbands, Christian Erickson with Janey Winterbauer, Nikki Becker, Jake Rowan, Eric and Nora (Hot Date).

Thank you all for the encouragment and support. Katy x



Out of touch… Real life

imageI feel very out of touch with you all and I’m sorry about that! This summer seems to be flying by and every week seems to bring challenges that have frankly been a little overwhelming.

I am hoping that some creativity comes out of all of this worrying and anxiety, but more importantl I just trying to learn from it!

My brother, seen here on the right, is doing well and some of you may know that he was the inspiration for my song Peter. I have always tried to use writing to connect and process how I feel. I Skype with him monthly and the words of that song ring true every time. “When you see my face you smile, Do you know me, can you show me” He can : )

Sometimes I don’t even know how I feel until I sing it back to myself and realize how wise I am! lol.

This year has seen a couple of job changes, and I’m still not sure if the choices I have made will turn out to be the right ones but I’m plugging along trying to make the best of things. I also broke my toe a couple of weeks ago. I kicked my guitar case at band practice, accidently! Very annoying, but I’m on the mend.

I have also decided to stop drinking. I don’t think anyone would call me a big drinker, but it’s been a crutch for me emotionaly that I realize does more to make me sad that it does to make me happy. Not a good solution!

So I’m starting fresh with things, writing again and turning down those free drink tickets that come with every show! Hot me up on the right night and I’ll give you one : )

Hope to see some of you at the Aster. It’s this Sunday night. July 24th. Despite my emotional roller coaster, we always put on a great show : )


Thanks for the support and love. I feel it and I appreciate it.


I’m never gonna be, the girl I was at 23, but I don’t mind that at all… She drove me up the wall! (Birthday show)

So, tomorrow is my birthday and for the third year in a row I will be performing! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do that and this year is pretty special.

I will be opening up the Minnesota Music Coallitions Summit concert. It’s a pretty big deal and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. A solid full band show at a great venue! I couldnt ask for a better birthday gift! I remember someone saying once that it wasn’t hard to get a gig, but it’s hard to get a good gig! At the time I was just desperate to play, anywhere!! But it’s so true that you just have to strive towards the good gigs and more importantly appreciate them

Friday April 8th, doors at 7:30. Show at 8:30.

When I wrote my song ’23’ I wasn’t sure I even wanted to play it to the band, let alone perform it!

It’s hard to be honest about getting older. I will never be the up and coming, hot new thing, sexy pop star, but I’m embracing that i don’t need to be 🙂

As I close out another year, i’ll be singing that one and reveling in the luxury of getting older!

Fun things on the horizon too!


Present – Gratitude!

Thank you to everyone who attended the CD release show. It was such a release!!! The most fun and in control I have ever felt doing a show. I know I play a lot and sometimes I wonder if it’s too much but this was as good as it gets.

The band, as always, were amazing. Clay, Simon, Reed and Chris were perfection personified! I felt so supported up there by them and I have to pinch myself that we get to play together. Thanks also to Terry Isaachsen, Paul Odegaard, Kevin Bowe (Amazing as an opening act too), Daniel Nass and my little Daisy Vanderwood, for filling out the night and bringing their talents to the stage.  We played a selection from the first record, including ‘Wish You Were Here’ which is a song I have only performed live a handful of times. It’s an extremely overwhelming song for me to perform and was in semi retirement LOL! It felt good to sing though to such a friendly room. I decided to throw in a couple of classic tearjerkers too, “The End Of The World” and “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’. These songs are so fun to perform and it felt amazing to get back to my roots just pouring my heart out in a song and not worrying about playing the guitar or uke.

Speaking of guitar, I unveiled “Ruby Sparkles” my new DanElectro and paired her up with my sparkly Fender amp! They looked so pretty next to Chris’ red drums! Quite the lineup. 90 + minutes of music and the most rounded out show I have ever felt like I played. Ending the night with Paul playing trumpet on ‘Ring of Fire’ was incredible!

After that the speakers at ICEHOUSE (Amazing venue!!!) blasted the dance version PEARL Re-MIX!

Thank you to all of the press articles that built this up and supported the record. I am thrilled with how it is being received and it’s incredibly encouraging. Congrats to Lily Vanderwood for selling SO many of her t-shirts. She worked the booth all night and was a star!

Taking a little rest this month and then we’ll be back at the Aster Cafe for a month of shows in December. Every Wednesday with special guests.

Stay tuned… more to come.10406586_10153371486813020_6571944621467504160_n

Photo by Tony Nelson Photography

Present – now streaming and release party update!

Coming out almost a year to the date of the start of recording is finally my follow up record ‘Present’

I uploaded it today to Bandcamp so people have a chance to listen for a short while before I release the hard copies at the show next month.


Tickets are available now for that show, so please make a reservation and you’ll save some money doing that too : )

http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2181542 ‘PRESENT’ Full length CD Release show – Sunday October 25th, 5pm – With Kevin Bowe. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

That’s a whole lot of info to try to get out and share with everyone but beyond links and dates and show invites, I mostly just want people to hear the music. I really hope people like it and connect to it.

All I can do is share it at this point and hope for the best : )

I’ve had an amazing run of shows lately and some fun ones coming up. Being named as ‘Musician In Residence’ at the Mia was a highlight. Tonight is the last night and I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to sing in such a lovely space. Either solo, or with the Trio, it’s been a great experience singing in a such an intimate and impressive building.

Last week I had another wonderful show at the Convention Center. It was part of the Minneapolis Foundations’ Century of Stories Celebration. The trio got to play a set on a cute replica of the Harriet Band shell and then after we played the rest of the night’s performances truly knocked my socks off. We opened for; MN Orchestra, VocalEssence, Twin City Gospel Choir
James Sewell Ballet, Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, MacPhail Community Youth Choir, with Greta Oglesby, Emcee, and Philip Brunelle, Conducter.

Now back to rock and roll!

Saturday, September 26th, Full Band Show at 612 Brewery. 6pm.

Friday, October 2nd, Full Band Guest Performance on TPT’s ‘Almanac’ ..

October 3rd, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Full Band performance for GO96.3 Music ‘N Brew Fest on Saturday, at Target Field Station

Also. UKE-FEST at the Aster Cafe!!!…. Now two nights!!! 10/9 AND 10/10. All proceeds benefit the Arc GTC.


Just a couple of sad songs…

Here I am getting ready for a second CD release! It’s amazing to think about. All the ideas in my head that turned into songs, all the practice sessions, working out parts with the band (They are amazing and come up with such great ideas), testing arrangement ideas, all the gigs that we played as a band to test them out and feel our way into what worked and what needed work and then the marathon sessions getting them all recorded. All leading to this. The last mad dash to finish and perfect and launch them into the world!

It all feels like a very big accomplishment and a huge goal. The real test seems to be whether anyone will listen, come to shows, buy the record, buy the t-shirt, but that’s not the test. I really just want to be proud of it. Not in a boastful or competitive way, but just as a reflection of what I want to share.

My last record was so personal and steeped in grief and although I felt it had joyful moments it also had a very clear and deliberate theme of loss and longing. I have deliberately left much of that behind.  I even went as far as to have some Hypnotherapy to try and shake off some of my grief and stress. I wanted to honor and remember my past but I felt so stuck in it and so weighed down by sadness that I knew I had to make some changes.

I have already shared the song ‘Pearl’ and that was the direct result of these sessions. I had some things I had to to say goodbye to.

So what does that leave? What do I have to say and why even write? Hopefully this record will show that I still have plenty to share. It’s all about being here now, doing what you love, surrounding yourself with love and music and not trying to be perfect, trying to be grateful and being ‘Present’.

There are still a couple of sad songs, but hey, that’s life ; )


Sappy post warning…

I haven’t written a blog post for a while. It’s been a busy summer. Shows here and there, but also a lot going on in my life. As some of you know I have had some serious health issues this past year. I think I am finally coming to the end of those! yay. Also I have been juggling some family stuff and had to fly to London for a few days to take care of things. Some of you know my song ‘Peter’ and that their is a real person behind that song. My oldest brother. I became his legal deputy last year and had to suddenly go over and fulfill some duties for that. Red tape overload!  I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about a trip to London, but it was challenging to say the least. One day when I’m not so exhausted about it all maybe I’ll write a song about it ; )

That is truly my greatest outlet. After shying away from getting too personal in my writing or my sharing of songs for many years, I now fully embrace it.

Sappy Warning: Today is the anniversary of my Dad passing away suddenly. The day I became an orphan. A weird, loaded word that I couldn’t believe was suddenly my reality. Everything changed in just a few hours one Sunday morning. I wrote my song ‘Little Voice’ about that day. “I didn’t kiss him, I didn’t want to make a scene, I  never knew how much I’d miss him, or what this day would mean” https://www.reverbnation.com/katyvernon/song/14461725-little-voice

Telling a story in a song is the most cathartic way I have to deal with things. Sometimes I don’t even know how I feel about something until I write it down. I think in melodies. It’s weird but I always have. But I never want to bring down a room and make everyone sad, or worse, feel sorry for me. What I love doing however is truly sharing myself with others. Sharing in a way that people can hang on to and share right back. I’ve been so touched that many of you have done just that and reached right back to me and shared your stories.

The world spins whether we need to jump off it occasionally or not. When I sing I am jumping right back in and showing my real self to the world : )

Photo attached shows my crazy singing face! Not the most flattering, but the most real. Thanks to Seth Rowe for capturing me in my natural habitat!

Thank you for supporting that and I hope everyone has a chance to feel the joy I feel when I get to do what I love. Many show updates listed on the gig list, so I hope to see some of you. Tonight’s show at the Aster will be awesome.  3 like minded sisters of song joining me for a ‘WomenFolk’ fundraiser.

Be kind, unwind.

Might be a Pearl, it’s too early to tell..

Good morning folks,

I haven’t blogged for awhile. Things have been busy, the residency at the Aster was crazy busy and a ton of fun. Thank you to all of you that made it out. Some of you had 75% or more attendance!! I wish I had gold star stickers to share : )

I also filmed the rest of my music video! First time ever doing the professional thing and I can’t wait to share it. There is some tasteful nudity involved for those of you that like that ; ) It’s VERY artsy and stylish, and beautiful.

We made it for the song PEARL. That song was written in a single session. I sat down on my bed and felt the need to say goodbye to some things in my life that weighed me down. Much of my songwriting comes from grief and sadness but I don’t want to always dwell on that. It will always be a part of who I am and I am grateful for the outlet that singing gives me.

I cried as I wrote the song and even when I shared it with my husband I cried the whole time I sang it. I said to him at the end that I felt like it was such a happy song and he looked puzzled! It is though. It’s about moving on, finding your pearl, even when you feel worn out and empty.

I hope people hear my songs and find their own meaning. I am grateful for the radio support the song has already had and look forward to more with the full length this Fall. I’ll upload and share the video when it’s done.

Request this or other songs here: http://www.thecurrent.org/playlist/catalog/256254

Until then, thank you and I hope to see you at a show. There is a new feature on Facebook where you can subscribe to show updates! Please check it out and subscribe.

https://www.facebook.com/KatyVernonMusicPearl Single Cover

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!