Sold out show!!

Thanks to everyone who came to Uke-Fest. It was truly one of the highlights of my life. So many amazing players and a room full of friends, fans and Arc Greater Twin City supporters. After the scramble of having to find a new date and line up after the flood of the venue I felt… Continue reading Sold out show!!

Uke-Fest Press

I warned some of you that I’d be pushing ‘Uke-Fest’ hard, and I have. It was daunting to take on the role of organiser for an event and it’s never easy to know how to promote something. It helped that I had a big dose of passion for this show though. That can make even… Continue reading Uke-Fest Press

Falling Slowly into Fall

I spent some time in the last couple of weeks digesting the amazing experience of singing at the Fitzgerald. It was such a roller coaster of nerves (Not as bad as I thought they’d be) and pure enjoyment. I have always loved to sing but to stand there on that beautiful stage with my wonderfully… Continue reading Falling Slowly into Fall