Katy Breaks The Internet!!

10430901_735444483193069_6547327298395872103_nI made a joke that this past weekend I was going to break the internet!! I was excited about the WCCO piece finally airing, my first full band show in a while (Previewing songs from the next CD) and also on a personal note, going to visit a cute puppy that I might adopt!!

Thank you to everyone that said nice things, shared my WCCO story or came to my show. Kudos to those of you that did all three!!!

Here is the link for anyone that didn’t see it air: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2014/11/15/women-who-rock-katy-vernon/

A couple of years ago when I first sat down to wrote a bio for my website I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t want to mention my parents death as it seemed too sad and self indulgent and attention seeking and whatever! Well, now it’s all out there for everyone to see and I finally feel really honest and less self conscious about it. I even just updated my bio!! That part of my life shaped me more than anything until I married and had kids of my own.

Life threw some serious crap at me and I had to grow up very quickly and part of me felt broken for a very long time. In the last year I have taken steps to try to make peace with that and embrace the good things in life, of which I have plenty. Despite my recent bad health I am actually happier and healthier (mentally) than ever.

For all of you along for the ride and cheering me on I am extremely grateful. x

DEMO Center for music

Last month I was asked to participate in a video for DEMO MN. They are an amazing organization that have booked and supported artists in the Twin Cities for many years. I have been personally benefited by the support of Steve McClellan when I started playing out again after taking time off and then advised me and encouraged me on my CD release (Even if it wasn’t at a venue he worked with) to make me feel supported and informed. He takes the time to connect with an artist and make them feel welcome in a venue. He’s the only booker who’s ever brought me tea for my throat!!

That caring and genuine concern runs throughout DEMO. They are not looking for the next fly by night trend or flavour of the month. They respect the musician and the this is reflected in the ‘Naked Songwriter’ series that I was lucky to be a part of. The depth of talent they are able to access in a series like that show the strength of the scene here that Steve has been an integral part of.


I look forward to seeing there dreams come true. A place where people can learn instruments (not just kids, but anyone that needs to try something new and re-wire their brains musically) perform and gather. Music isn’t and shouldn’t be about selling beer. It should be about creating and sharing.

This might sound pie in the sky, but if enough people support it then great things can happen. Please share this video and jump aboard. It’s going to be a fun ride!!


Recording day two…

Making a record is an amazing process. It’s magical, inspiring, collaborative, frustrating, time consuming, expensive, and takes me around 9 months. Kinda like making a baby!

The band have now had two sessions in the studio laying down the basic tracks for 10 songs. There is a good balance of ukulele and guitar songs just like last time but this time around there is definitely more of a band feel. We’ve come a long way, especially in the last year and even songs that are new are playing out more cohesively. I’m so impressed with the way the guys have jumped in with both feet and the ideas and talents they bring to each song are a joy to hear.

The newest song is a guitar driven ballad with a huge chorus and a heavier feel than probably anything I’ve ever written. It was only written on Monday, finished on Tuesday at band practice (Thanks to Clay for the arranging advice!) and then less than 24 hours later recorded! For a person that always worries I don’t have another song in me, this was about as good as it gets!

I have decided to try to finish two of these new songs all the way through with Kevin Bowe producing. We’ll hopefully have a single or two ready to share in the next few moths and then a full record to follow.

As always, thank you for your encouragement and stay tuned…..




Uke Fest, WCCO, MPR and more

Phew, this has been quite the week!

First and foremost I am super excited for Uke Fest. I know, I know, I’ve talked about it forever. This has become my little baby and to see it grow and make friends and take on a life of it’s own is incredibly thrilling. It’s the little show that grows and who knows, maybe someday we’ll have to find a bigger venue! (Although I am incredibly grateful to the Aster for all of their support)

Table reservations are currently  “Sold out” but please take a chance and come if you were planning to. Anything could happen and those seats are not pre-sold.

I have such a great lineup of uke players and non uke players (as in better known as guitarists) including the amazing Keldon Ancheta. He will be the subject of an upcoming episode ofhttp://www.mprnews.org/topic/minnesota-sounds-and-voices

I enjoyed meeting with host, Dan Olson and discussing how I met Keldon, his performance at last years Uke Fest and then a little about my own journey with the ukulele. It should air later this week.

Then just this morning I met with Natalie Nyhus from WCCO news. She does a great series on ‘Women Who Rock’ and in the past couple of weeks I was filmed solo and with the band and then today got to chat with her and tell her a little bit about my life. The piece was originally going to air this week to promote Uke Fest but will now air to highlight a future show. I will update when I know more.

It’s really been a thrill to get to share these kinds of moments. All I’ve really ever wanted was to have the chance to express myself and actually have a few people show up to listen.

Singing and writing is such a big outlet for me but to have people enjoy it is incredibly rewarding. I guess if I sang in an empty forest I would still love it but people hearing it makes is so much better.

I hope to see some of you this weekend. I will have t-shirts, necklaces and FREE BUTTONS for Uke Festers and I know we’ll have a fab time.

Love and thanks1450124_10152269119267257_1369157497304645872_n, Katy.

Women Who Rock!!! WCCO

I wanted to let you all know about a pretty exciting opportunity I have coming up this weekend.

I will be playing a solo show this Saturday at 9 pm at the lovely Aster Cafe. WCCO will be filming my opening set as part of there ‘women who rock’ series. Please RSVP and support me. I really hope to see some friendly faces that night!

If you are able to attend (And it will be a great show with the talented and lovely Vicki Emerson and band playing) then please rsvp to the Aster.

Aster Cafe 612-379-3138

Thank you and I will let you all know when the piece airs….

I’m Nobody’s Muse, no-one to inspire but myself..

I have been asked many times if I write the music or the lyrics to my songs first. They truly usually come at the same time. A melody will often be in my head but until I get some words to go along with it I usually don’t pursue it.

I was always this way and my earliest songs were just one long musical that I would make up as I played with dolls and never remembered or wrote down! I like to think some of them were masterpieces lost to the sands of time, but they were probably just crap about fairies and Wonder Woman!

Around half of the songs on ‘Before I Forget’ were written a long time ago before I even picked up a ukulele. A couple of them I revisited as I learnt the uke and found they worked really well on it. The guitar songs were mostly written in my down time after The Camdens broke up. Then a lucky few just seemed to come to me as I learnt the uke and began to take myself seriously as a writer. That’s one of the reasons I chose the name for that record. I felt like I was in a lucky creative mode that might never last!

Now that I have a band and plenty of gigs to keep the momentum going I am hoping to write even more songs that I care enough about to share. It’s always scary wondering if you’ll ever have another idea.

One of my newest songs (Partly quoted in this blog title)  is actually about the motivation I feel to keep doing this. Writing, playing, booking, practicing, networking, etc etc all feel a little overwhelming at times and I have to always just pull myself back from that and focus on the music.

Singing, and playing with people I love and admire is the joy. I push myself hard and say yes to so much so I can continue to have those moments. People don’t usually knock on the door and hand them to you : )

Thank you to each and every sweet one of you that make me feel it’s all worth it.

Katy x

PS: New Merch page in the works. Buttons, T-Shirts and even jewelry (Hand made by me) coming soon.


Uptown, Downtown & Out of Town!!

I played a surprise Pop Up show this past Sunday night at a place I’d never been to before. Morrisey’s Irish Pub in Uptown. It was a nice place and it’s always fun to take part in a Hootenanny. I sang the only Irish tune I know which being a musical nerd is from the film ‘Once’. I just love singing ‘Falling Slowly’. It’s so charming on the ukulele and can hush even the noisiest bar.

Next up is another last minute show. This time it’s at Peavey Plaza right Downtown (Next to Orchestra Hall, opposite Brits). They just booked me to sing for a couple of hours over the lunch slot. Next Tuesday, August 12th from 11-1pm. The event is free and a nice way to spend a part of your work day.

Then coming up at the end of the month I have my first ever Mini Tour. 2 nights in Southern MN. I love love love Northfield and am excited to return there and then I’ll try out a brand new venue in Faribault the next night!!

Recording has begun and I will update more on that as progress is made. Most of the next record is already written and I’m enjoying planning out the rest.

Hope to see some of you soon and thank you to everyone that helped push my Facebook page likes over a 1,000 this month. That was very exciting!!Katy Vernon - Southern MN Mini-Tour

Thank you, Katy x


I <3 Mpls!

In my effort to slow things down and do less shows I added this one! 3 hours, outside, solo! Yep. I just can’t resist the pull of the City and people making fun things happen!!

Katy Vernon – Solo busking!!

July 11, 2014 – 7-10pm

10525619_10152193001968085_7861594551328287157_nSummer in the City Entertainment:

Meet us at The PARKLOT (same block as Orpheum Theatre) from 7pm – midnight to take a tour of 40+ downtown windows filled with art that is made here! Live entertainment, music, food and drink!

Gig updates and taking a break to record…

I have only two shows this month. I’m really excited about this one.

Set Swap with Dan Israel. Wednesday, July 2nd. 9-11. 331 Bar (331 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413)

Dan was an inspiration to me before he even knew it! I read an article about him by Jim Walsh many years ago and decided I wanted to meet him. I ended up making friends with both of them and they were both a huge part of getting me out of the house and singing again!

We’ll be swapping sets all night, so come along if you can.

I’ll be taking a break from gigs for much of the next couple of months to start work on my next record. It’s an exciting time but I need to slow down a bit to make it happen… Stay tuned..


This week I have two outdoor shows, so please cross fingers, toes, eyes, whatever you’ve got to keep the rain away!!

The first one is tomorrow night, Thursday, June 26th in downtown White Bear Lake. It’s the second week of Marketfest. If you’ve never been, it’s a super fun tradition in those parts. Come for the corn dogs and car show and stay for the music. Lots of stalls selling and pitching everything that’s great about WBL. My band plays on the Banning Street Stage from 6-9pm. Everything is free, but come early to find good parking.

Then on Sunday, June 29th my band will be playing at PRIDE! I’m so excited. It’s going to be our biggest show as a band and we have a fun, upbeat set list to keep people hopping. We play 2:30-3:15 on the RAINBOW Stage. Loring Park Minneapolis is one of my favourite places in the world, so I couldn’t be more excited.

I only have a couple of shows lined up in July. I’m going to take a little break and start recording. It’s been hard to keep up the pace but I am so grateful for the opportunities and fiun shows we’ve had this year. Now it’s time to create new music.

Take care and see you soon, Katy


PS: Please note that there is a singer in Minneapolis called Katy Vernon Thomasberg. She has only recently started including her middle name in her show billing and it has caused a lot of gig confusion. I know some of you have shared with me that you’ve seen my name on posters, websites etc that were not my actual shows. I am trying to correct this whenever I see it but before heading out to a show please check my website. I always do my best to keep that up to date. Cheers : )